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About the Miniature American Shepherd / Mini Aussie


The Miniature American Shepherd is the AKC (American Kennel Club) name for the Miniature Australian Shepherds registered with the AKC. Because there were registration problems naming the Mini Aussies as a separate breed -  an agreement was reached to allow them to enter the AKC under the title of Miniature American Shepherd - however these little dogs will, and always will be, smaller Australian Shepherds! They have not been crossed with any other breed but are as a result of a selective breeding programme from the 1960s in the USA to breed smaller Australian Shepherds which were more suitable to work sheep than their larger cousins.


Breeders in the UK decided to re-register their breeding stock Mini Aussies as Mini Americans  in order to gain full breed status within the AKC, which took place on the 1st July 2015 - so now the breed is fully recognised in the United States!  The European FCI also granted recognition in October 2019 giving these little guys the breed status they deserve - albeit under another name! At the moment they can be registered on the English KC Activities Register .

Mini Aussies were first imported into the UK in 2005 - the founder breeders going to great lengths and expense to import the foundation dogs into the UK. Since then numbers have steadily grown with more dogs being imported to introduce new bloodlines and increase the genetic pool. There are two breed clubs already in the UK working towards KC recognition!

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