We are dedicated to breeding top quality Mini Americans from our fully health tested dogs - we strive to breed within the breed standard for happy, healthy and intelligent dogs that excel in their owners chosen field of performance. We aim to promote this new breed in the UK by increasing the gene pool with a small number of carefully chosen dogs from top breeders in the U.S. and Europe, only allowing breeding from the best,  and assist with other breeders in gaining Kennel Club recognition.


We are  a hobby breeder passionate about the breed, hopefully having the occasional litter to give our undivided care and attention to.

Our dogs are our pets first and foremost.



Our dogs live in the home with us, or with family members and close friends,  and are very much family pets where they receive appropriate training, exercise and love. They have earned their places by our sides (and on the sofas!) for the rest of their lives in return for their unconditional love and the joy they bring us each and every day. 


Puppies will be raised in the home and will be well socialised and introduced to all the usual household noises and bustle of life, with other dogs, and lots of outdoor fun and play.  We have a dedicated all weather outdoor playground area with lots of stimulating and sensory play items and toys for our puppies - we also do daily individual play with each puppy so that at 8 weeks they are very familiar with interacting with humans. We implement a very thorough socialisation programme to ensure you have a happy puppy and follow the Puppy Culture ethos.


Puppies will be registered with the American Kennel Club and the English Kennel Club activities register,

 be microchipped and  examined by our vet.  Copies of all health documents and that of the parents to confirm health status will be included in our puppy pack - together with some familiar bedding and toys and some extras to help your new puppy settle in!


We offer a lifetime support for you and your new Miniature American!


We aim to achieve high standards in excess of KC breeder requirements including extensive health testing.


We are proud to be  an accredited breeder with  MASCGB in recognition of our health testing and  our breeding practices.






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