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Colour - RED merle with copper

Height - 18 "  46cm

Eyes - Blue

PRA +/+        clear by DNA test

CEA +/+        clear by DNA test

HSF4 +/+      clear by DNA test

MDR1 +/-      carrier by DNA test

DM +/+          clear by DNA test

CM +/+          clear by DNA test

CMR1 +/+     clear by DNA test

CD  +/+         clear by DNA test

HU  +/+         clear by DNA test

NAD +/+        clear by DNA test

BVA Eye Exam -  Clear

Hips - A/A FCI

Elbows - 0/0 FCI


sid stand 2022 2.JPG

Please click to view SID'S pedigree

About Sid

Sid came to us as a puppy by courtesy of Moonbaby Kennels in Utah US. He has matured into the most beautiful boy and we sincerely thank Melissa for allowing us to have him.

Sid is sired by AKC GRCHS Moonbaby's These Colors Dont Run 'Ruger' - Westminster BOB winner 2018  -  his siblings have achieved championship status in the US and we are delighted to have Sid in our breeding programme.

Sid is the sweetest boy and lives a wonderful life with his family in North Somerset - he is always happy and loves long walks, doing tricks and chilling on the sofa ! We were very thrilled with Sid's first litter here at Starrytails from our beautiful Millie (2022)

AKC Moonbaby's These Colours Dont Run - 'Ruger'


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