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Starrytails Christmas Wish





DOB 8th December 2016

Colour - Blue merle/Copper

Eyes - Blue

Height - 44cm    171/2  in

Hips  A/A 

Elbows 0/0

Patella Normal

CEA        +/+ clear

CD          +/+ clear

MDR1      +/+ clear

PRA         +/+ clear

HSF4       +/+ clear

DM           +/+ clear

CM           +/+ clear

CMR1       +/+ clear






Ava & Beamer simple.JPG

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About Wish

Wish is the beautiful daughter of Ava and Beamer, and has been an exceptional puppy from early days ! Wish lives with our family as a much loved pet where with her delightful temperament she is wonderful with children and everyone who meets her! She loves her ball retrieving, long walks and travelling to Italy to her holiday home ! Wish was a flower dog at our daughters wedding and astounded everyone with her calmness and friendly greetings - a truly beautiful dog in every way.

Wish participated in a MASCGB herding clinic and earned her herding instinct certificate , she also has done obedience training which she excelled at.



We are  looking forward to Wish  having a litter with us in  early 2019 - with her wonderful structure and temperament we hope for some amazing puppies !

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